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Gate Motor Battery

In the vast majority of motors, batteries are used to drive the motor. To say that they are battery back-up motors is therefore incorrect, as the battery is always in use; not exclusively in the event of a power failure. If the battery is disconnected, the motor will not work. In the vast majority of motors, batteries are used to drive the motor. To say that they are battery back-up motors is therefore incorrect, as the battery is always in use; not exclusively in the event of a power failure. If the battery is disconnected, the motor will not work.

Is my gate motor battery unhealthy?
Most automatic gate users will not notice the gate motor beginning to move slower over time. This is something more likely picked up by a trained eye.

It is likely that you will only realise there’s an issue when the gate stops halfway through its cycle. This may occur within a year of replacing the battery.

Accurately Checking the Gate Motor:
Measuring the voltage of a battery under static conditions is generally not sufficient to determine if the battery truly is flat. Testing the voltage while the battery is under load is considerably more effective and accurate. The load, being a gate, garage or boom pole. Below, a short guide to assist the user to accurately diagnose a flat gate motor battery.

Required tools:
AVO meter or volt meter
Terminal screwdriver
an able assistant


  • Disconnect the two motor wires from the controller (PC board).The motor wires are generally rather thick and black and blue in colour. The terminals on the controller where the motor wires are connected will be marked ‘MOTOR’ or ‘MTR’
  • Switch off the mains supply or unplug the charger from the controller, ensuring the voltage you read from the battery is not biased
  • Engage your gate motor
  • Now connect the motor wires straight onto the battery terminals. It doesn’t really matter which colour wire you connect to which battery terminal, as the polarity of the motor wires simply determine the motor direction.
  • Unless the battery is completely depleted,the gate should start to move the instant you connect touch the motor wires to the terminals. Don’t be startled – this is what it’s meant to do!
  • This is where the extra pair of hands comes in. Ask your assistant to measure the voltage across the battery terminals while the gate is moving, i.e. while you are holding the motor wires to the terminals
  • The battery voltage should never drop below 11V DC under load. If it does, it is safe to say that your battery needs replacement
  • A rule of thumb when dealing with a faulty battery is to also check the charging voltage. To do this, reconnect the charger or switch the mains back on, but now disconnect the battery (thick black and red) wires from the controller. Measure across the two terminals on the controller where the battery would normally be connected. For a 12V motor, this voltage should be approximately 14V DC, and approximately27V DC for a 24V motor
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Home About Us Products FAQs Contact Us Back in time – History of the sealed lead acid battery

Lead acid or motorcycle batteries assist us daily with their multitude of applications. However, many of us are unaware of where this wonderful device was invented and how it has progressed over the years

At the start – The invention of the sealed lead acid battery
The motorcycle or lead acid battery was invented in 1859 by a Frenchman by the name of Gaston Plante. It was a revolutionary invention and was the world’s first rechargeable battery. The first of these batteries were used to power the lights in railway cars when they were stopped at a station. The SLA battery remained almost unchanged until it was revolutionised in the 1970s when the first maintenance free lead acid battery was developed. This improvement meant the battery could now be used anywhere.

Learn more
For more information on sealed lead acid batteries in Cape Town or to view our range of top quality, fully guaranteed, 100% maintenance free Powabatt motorcycle batteries, burglar alarm batteries and gate motor batteries in Cape Town, contact Mark on 0746405490 at Battery Buzz, Pinelands Cape Town.

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Generators in Durban

When you are looking for ways to always keep the engines of your factory or the the lights up in the comfort of your house, you have to pursue different solutions to achieve this kind of autonomy with the best cost-benefit as possible in a long therm. Generators in Durban are becoming increasingly popular and affordable in the market here in South Africa, even though it might be difficult to buy generators in Durban or generators in Cape Town due to the lack of retailers within the cities.

Advantages on Buying Generators
Generators CapetownGenerators are robust machines you can make use of to guarantee your business or even your house won’t be left without power. They are therefore the perfect load shedding solution. You have many useful options like the diesel generators which are cost effective too. Generators like these use very little fuel, are reliable and can be used for several years. Many companies make use of them to avoid shortage power periods where they would have to suspend their activities for a while.

Compared to other kinds of generators, the diesel generators provide a 30% saving cost make use of glow plugs, which have a greater life span works with water or air cooling engines

Disadvantages of Generators
Generators DurbanYou have to bear in mind however that diesel generators are not that simple before they are already set up and working. They are also louder than other generators and not so clean burning. Too many generators in Durban would be bad for the environment. The costs to implement a diesel generator might be much more expensive than other kinds, though what you have to look for here are the long them savings. Diesel generators will save you lots in the long run.

Buying Generators in Cape Town
Buying generators in Cape Town is not as straight forward or convenient as buying a portable gasoline stove or a heater. Generators were traditionally for industrial purposes or to work as a source for large scale establishments that require heavy duty equipment that are not commonly found in urban areas.

Domestic or home generators in Cape Town are sometimes more difficult to get a hold of as there are fewer supplier however, when purchasing your generator in Cape Town, its generally better to go with a well-known brand of generator . These are guaranteed to last longer and wont let you down.

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