Battery Repacking - Replacing the existing batteries in your cordless appliances, is an excellent option to save money and get them working like new again. We remove the old batteries and replace them with new, often more powerful batteries. We are able to repack most well known brands including Ryobi, Bosch, Metabo, Black and Decker etc.

We offer a 12 month Warranty on all our repacks.

Repacking can successfully be done on the following items:

  • Portable Drills
  • Portable screwdrivers
  • Cordless Appliances
  • Medical Equipment
  • Portable Phones
  • Dustbusters
  • Cordless Vacuum Cleaners
  • Model toys such as remote control cars and planes
  • and many more
You can drop off your items at our Pietermaritzburg or Hillcrest branches if you are based in KZN.  We can arrange for your pack to be collected and returned via our courier, this will be for your cost.


To get a quote on your item you can either
WhatsApp us on  +27 66 079 9225,
Call us on 033 345 7288 (PMB) | 031 765 8270 (Hillcrest)
or fill out our form below:

The Advantages of Battery Repacking

Battery repacking is the process of replacing the cells in a battery pack with new or better cells. This can be a cost-effective alternative to buying a new battery pack, and it can also improve the performance and lifespan of the battery.

  • Cost-effective: Repacking a battery pack is often much cheaper than buying a new one. This is because the cost of the cells is usually the most expensive component of a battery pack.
  • Improved performance: Repacking a battery pack with new cells can improve the performance of the battery. This is because new cells have higher capacity and can deliver more power.
  • Extended lifespan: Repacking a battery pack can extend the lifespan of the battery. This is because new cells are less likely to fail prematurely.
  • Environmentally friendly: Repacking is an environmentally friendly option. This is because it reduces the need to manufacture new batteries, which can use up valuable resources and produce harmful emissions.